1.Fleet Management Solutions

You can now sit back and relax as our system take charge of all the events happening in your vehicle at any point of time and revel the information direct to the main station. A touch key token is given to each person driving the vehicle, which identifies him or her to the system. Below are core features:

• Driver identification, performance and panic button
• Records actual fuel filled and incase of siphoning will also record fuel out of the tank
• Tank cap sensor which sends reports every time the cap is opened and closed
• Field team performance
• Real time mileage and NOT GPS estimate mileage
• Automatic record of business mileage VS private mileage
• Geo fencing and route planning
• Vehicle/equipment start and stop time
• Idle time (when the engine is on and when it is off)
• Speeding, driving behavior, time & trip distance between each trip
• Vehicle tracking at any point in time
• Specific visit points (the system will send report each time the vehicle/equipment reaches designated area)
• Accident report (Black-Box) the system shows driving behavior on five (5) minutes before accident.

2.Vehicle/Asset Tracking & Recovery

Designed to provide the fleet owners with peace of mind knowing that stolen vehicles can easily be tracked, immobilized and  recovered with ease.

  • Real time accurate vehicle location at any time anywhere.
  • You can replay the vehicle routes on the Google maps
  • You can access information via mobile phone or computer. Send a command and receive vehicle location on phone.
  • You can immobilize and mobilize the vehicle remotely. This is useful in case of vehicle theft or misuse.
  • Receive alerts when the GPS unit is tampered with or cut off power
  • You can Geo fence a region and receive alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves the region,
  • You can create Points of Interest and receive alerts when a vehicle reaches the POI.
  • Receive battery low alerts,
  • You can run reports on working hours, Kms covered, Idle time, start and stop time, geo fence entry and exit, etc
  • Reconstruction of accident scene

3.Speed Limiter/Governor

Features of speed governor

  • Real time vehicle speed alerts
  • Pre-warning speeding alarm
  • Real time vehicle positioning
  • Tamper alert and limping mode functionality
  • Unique to-the-second speed recording
  • Harmless to engine systems

4.Remote Fuel Monitoring System

With the ever costly expenditure on fuel, we now have an answer to check on that extra coin coming off your pocket. Remote Fuel Monitoring system monitors  fuel delivery to depots, refuels, captures transaction in form of date and time, vehicle ID and the amount refueled. The system is fitted with an automated fuel consumption monitor which captures and gives an automated report per fuel consumption. Each vehicle fueling is equipped with an electronic ID device in the tank and fueling is only possible after the system acknowledges that the ID of the vehicle resides in its memory.
The system denies refueling from unauthorized vehicle unless to few authorized personnel who will be given authority touch keys. The system submits the following reports.

5.Vehicle/Asset Costing System

To achieve maximum profitability while maintainng the costs of maintance at the most afforadable level in terms of time and shilling input. The system maintains record of the manually input data on the repairs, maintenance and schedules. It assists fleet owners to:

  • Easily plan and track fleet inventory including allocation.
  • Preventive maintenance records
  • Schedule, plan and record repairs done
  • Track refuels and maintain records
  • Order, receive and issue parts within the system
  • Depreciation records
  • All expiration alerts
  • Detailed and executive summary reports

6.Remote Surveillance/CCTV System.

You can now remotely view on real time what is happening in your office, house, farm, car, etc. Have control over your space!

7. Alarm and Gear Lock Systems

The system for commercial vehicles combines an electronic control unit (ECU), ultrasonic sensor (UIP), to offer excellent vehicle protection from door touch securtiy infringes.

8.Vehicle Power Banks

Who said you cannot charge your Car and Phone using the same charger and as if that is not enough, use it as a continuous torch light or as an emergency “SOS” flashing signal light?
Gaptech Solutions, now offers you this magical experience with our state of the Art Multi-function Power Bank


  • Portable power pack
  • Charges your portable electronics and jump starts your car
  • Comes with iPhone, Sony/Ericsson, Samsung,LG, Nokia, PSP, micro USB and mini USB adapters.
  • AC/DC and 12-volt charging cables included
  • Jumper cables included
  • Built-in LED light
  • Jump starter current: 200 – 400 amps
  • Battery capacity: 12,000mA
  • Warranty: one year limited

9.Logistics and General Supplies

Trust us for a wide range of customized and cutting-edge logistics solutions to support your business needs. From warehousing to facility management and value added services.Our aim is to increase efficiency and across varying industries

We are customer-focused in all areas of our operations and provide excellent dependable and reliable supplies to clientele both in the public and private sector.

10.Construction Works

We are registered under the National Construction Authority (NCA) Kenya, we specialize in Professional Building Construction and Civil Engineering Works.

  • Residential Houses and Apartments
  • Plumbing Works
  • Commercial Offices
  • Boreholes, Dams and Dyke Building
  • Landscaping and Maintenance